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Simple tricks for perfect manicure

The home-made manicure at home is a very complicated task. Or not! It depends on whether you perhaps can acquire some tricks, through which it secures best results.

We want to give you some of those today. As a bonus, we want some manicure teach you tricks with which even the decoration might work fairly easy.

Try to maintain your nails like a pro

manicure nails design nails Lackierne

But do not expect miracles! You should be quite some time for this. You usually need two or three attempts to achieve the best results. Then the whole thing but worth it!

You will quickly realize that you have the best manicure your girlfriends. In addition, you are so good that you also teach the local tricks them.

Three steps

nails paint manicure nails paint

Imagine this process on three simple steps. Prepare also the corresponding products. You need vaseline, with which you treat the nails areas. Then it comes to the base, and ultimately to the application of two main colors. You also need tape.


nail design manicure nails design

Let's get to the first step of the manicure. You need to rub it in your nails and the skin. It is absolutely necessary. Before proceeding to the painting, you should carefully remove the Vaseline from the nail bed. Then, it will be you much easier to manicure paint or decorate. When you are finished, wipe them off or a bit let the Vaseline hydrate your nails.


manicure nail design nails design

The color for which you have decided on your nails may be accentuated, set on the basis of good. To do this, first apply a transparent layer. After it is dry, apply the other color on it. You will be surprised by the effect, is reached.

Two colors

Carefully choose the two colors which are to combine. You must of course wonderfully with each other in harmony. Also, they should be appropriate to the clothing usually worn by you. Wear the lighter shades on each nail, let dry and secure top finish.

Help with tape

nail designs manicure nails design

Now glue the two thin pieces of tape on the top so that they run across the middle and gather in the upper part. Then, apply the darker color and fear is not afraid to go over the tape.

After also this paint dries off, pull off the tape and complete with top coating. You can experiment with the decorations by putting the tape in a variety of forms.

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