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The Small Kitchen Set - Perfect Organisation In Cooking

The small kitchen is a nightmare for most housewives. You have not enough space to all the necessary desire to set up. But with the new intelligent solutions for "Small kitchen set up", the limited spaces are a worthy competitor to the big surfaces. The kitchen furniture are ergonomically designed and precisely dimensioned. Logically, their distribution follows our Handelungen in the kitchen.

Small kitchen set up - the current design trends

small kitchen set design ideas kitchen kitchen equipment

The modern kitchens are equipped with last generation mechanisms. These are a great advantage of the new compact kitchens, as the cabinets offer much more space and each is easily accessible even in the corners. The pastel colors are the latest for the modern, as well as for the classical kitchen. But the most popular is the white kitchen with a matte, lacquer, or glanzierten surface.

What composition best suited to the small kitchen?

modern kitchen small kitchen set design ideas kitchen

In the apartments with open space plans, where kitchen and living room together, it is easiest to make functional and useful areas. You can spread the cuisine in the vertical. Use wall cabinets in different heights. The new mechanisms will help you have easy access to everything there. The placing of additional internal drawers and useful accessories allow you to take maximum advantage of all corners. This compensates for the missing space in the kitchen.

What we do without the small kitchen?

interior design ideas kitchen small kitchen set kitchen

If the space in the kitchen from hampering us, we can make a compromise with the size of the dishwasher. Instead of the standard 60 cm, you can integrate a smaller model (45 cm). The dimensions of the kitchen sink can also be reduced and as a result, they provide larger work surface. Integrate two hot plates with a size of 30 cm, instead of four with 60 cm.

The small kitchens are offered also a good comfort. That's why look at the images below and when a kitchen renovation is coming soon, plan in advance how you want to set up your kitchen!

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