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Charming and romantic style

Country-style furniture and its international flavor

Furniture country style is a hot trend in recent years. Today we want to consider this in a broader context. The country furniture are one element of a comprehensive modern country style. He gives us the opportunity to live in a modern and comfortable, and still to enjoy the proximity of nature and the simplicity.

The style is not urban but also not really rural, because he already quite making room for modern facilities. In addition, is the modern country style from cultural point of view quite neutral. Originally, he is American, and has something of the atmosphere of the Wild West in itself. But the different interpretations from designers all over the world show that it would be possible to insert a different national coloring. For this reason can be considered universal style the country pretty much.

Cottage style furniture for the kitchen

The natural and the respect for tradition are here obviously. Everything is very balanced and not as obsessive as in other natural or rural styles.

You can put plants in the Interior, but need not - such as the environmental style. Herbs and vegetables from the garden of the House extend quite as a natural decoration.

Older and dispose of used items and furniture can be used in the country style of course. But not to attach these on the same nostalgic manner in the style of Provence.

You can use calm much more modern technology and other innovative elements in the interior design. It's the feeling - everything must feel alive, not too sophisticated, free, down to Earth and natural.

Colours and light

The colors, as well as the way in which they will be implemented through the proper lighting, are of crucial importance in the country style. There are four main nuances that you mainly need to work. The colors of Brown, green, white, and blue are (not very tired and striking). Everything must look calm and contemplative. Imagine a long summer day in the heat and the atmosphere which you will then want to experience in your home. This is the mood that you should obtain furniture by country.

The Windows are covered with light curtains, which are only measured by the light. Inside is not very bright and not very dark, cool, but not too cold.

Furniture and accessories

Furniture should look comfortable, warm and original country house style. You should feel stable on it. The furniture should act at the same time elegant and show a rough style. Best you forgo the polished surfaces.

More casual you insert braided furniture or other country furniture, which have a less serious, casual character.

Style is the awakening of the symmetric rules of fundamental importance for the country. Chaos and slight feeling of neglect are very important.

Attention to the details

If you are examples of country style look, should pay attention to the details. You have the character of different times and gives the whole a sense of continuity. Porcelain, decorative vases, family photos and other "relics" make up the decorative character of the country decoration.

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