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Charming and romantic style

Every home needs a breath of fresh air! Whether it is to a full or partially carried out renovation, a furniture Exchange or just a new painting, each of us does need a change within your own four walls at some point. And why because a change in a vintage style?

The interest in vintage exists since a long time not only for their beauty, but also because of its high value as collectibles. The charm of this furniture is actually hidden in their long-standing and unique history. Vintage furniture are those from the 20s to the 70s of the 20th century known as. Through those past times are alive again.

A little history

Living according to the romantic Shabby chic comes actually from Rachel Aswell, which love to browsed flea markets kind. While she has come on the idea to restore old furniture and to bring them to life. While the individual pieces but retaining their scratches, flaws or cracks.

Fine details such as metal or brass door handles and faded colors pimp this furniture in addition to.

Typical materials for these authentic pieces are teak tree wood, soft wood and recycled Sheeshamholz.

These gorgeous rarities are real eye-catcher in the room as individual pieces in this style. Such an authentic chest or a coffee table with ornate carvings in the living room of every visitor will ask to touch and admire. Look at just some of the beautiful pieces and convince yourself of our words. A good place to do this is for example wohnpalast .

A dining room in the vintage style dinner will make pleasant and relaxing much. The beautiful dining table with its wood cracks will put you in old times and refresh even loving memories. The good thing about the Shabby chic style is that not every room in this style should be set up. Whether you, decide for a romantic bedroom design for a noble-looking living room or a charming dining room with such furniture, is up to you, and definitely just depends on your own preferences.

The apartment design entirely in the Shabby chic look is something for special chaturbaterooms.com romantics. Here the decoration and the accessories should be adapted to the style. Old lamps, pillows and even old-looking ornaments are attached. Give an elegant and sophisticated touch silver elements, such as such as candle holders. Use soft pastels like sky blue, Rosť, gray or pale yellow. Some decoration and even interior design ideas to see several articles from us.

Insert the friendly character of the shabby in your living rooms chic style and provide a wonderful variety in your Wohraumdesign.

Jewelry Pieces Made Of Wood For The Home Furnishings

Everyone should feel comfortable and safe in their own home. The factors that cause these feelings, are the spaciousness, brightness, the choice of colours and furniture. And of course all with much love must be designed.

Our opinion the choice of furniture is the key to a good caring home. These should be chosen not only for functionality, but also accordingly beautiful and attractive look. And here again voicing our opinion that there is nothing more beautiful than nature.

Wood is the best material of nature. From this material, you can create real furniture art. The wooden furniture give each furnishing special warmth and coziness. Whether in a classic or luxury design they are can be used in any room, even in the bathroom. Already a single wood furniture in the room is a beautiful accent. Some manufacturers and suppliers have created real gems, expressing her love on https://www.jasminelive.online. On matalia we are struck on those. You have some pieces of furniture that are very imaginative.

Except that the wood is a beautiful material, it is famous with its longevity. Nevertheless, you should properly maintain wood to get it longer. Here we want to give you some natural cleaning tips:

The teak oil is suitable for clear, bright and dark wood furniture. And for the reddish furniture, linseed oil is more appropriate.

Too dusty pieces of furniture can be cleaned perfectly with the help of Apple Cider vinegar.

Oak furniture will "shine", if you Polish them with a mixture of one liter beer and safflower oil.

Walnut furniture be polished with milk, but only after a previous dust.

The painted wood furniture may not be cleaned with a damp cloth. You should be rubbed with beeswax.

Furniture painted in white, you will restore their shine if you wipe them with a mixture of chalk and warm water. Then Polish with a cloth. White doors and Windows can be cleaned with the same mixture.

Use our tips and forward any longer about looking beautiful and glamorous art of furniture made of wood.

So whether you opt for a whole home furnishings made of wood or only for some furniture accents, we leave to you. But one thing is certain, this you will offer a cosy ambience in your home.

Small Rooms Set Up - Ideas, The You Use Can Be!

Steal these ideas, better to be able to set up small rooms

We continue once again with some interior design ideas that are in line with the season. Today, we again draw inspiration from the autumn. But we do it in a slightly more original manner. We look at this season not only as a source of great shades and nuances.

It concerns the conversion of our premises in the autumn style. The leaves are Brown, yellow, and pink. You fall off and the outlines of the trees are wonderful.

In the autumn, there is so little Merry, in the later stage of also minimalist. We catch but the mood and we set up our small rooms accordingly. Because just as they need to be - little crowded, but harmonious and uniquely beautiful.

Set up small spaces - balance of dark and light shades

Let's start with the biggest gift of autumn: the colors, which, this season presents us. You show the rich potential that lies in the warm colour scale. What has this harmonic image in the interior design for a match? Looking for a balance between light and dark shades. You bring out the beauty of the used textures very much.

Also from the autumn one draws inspiration, if you'll small rooms with warm cuddly textures. You have to stay gone forever. Just leave the ceilings, with which you are staying warm, as decoration here. If they work in autumn, they also represent a natural extension of the Jasmin live ambience in your interior design.

The simple shapes like autumn. You stay, when the leaves fall off. Then we discover that the nature could be witty. The trees and their branches are like ghosts, who develop our imagination. The nature through these simple shapes such as a fairy tale world, every man for himself must tell your own variant of which is in autumn.

Put on simple shapes in the Interior! It is especially suitable when you set up small rooms.

The nuances of Flash may be still there

You wonder whether the Flash traces in an atmosphere inspired by the autumn have a place? Certainly it! They also occur during this time of year between the mainly dominant. To the same extent look beautiful in your small spaces!

Consider the autumn nature and decipher the code of their spell. Transfer them in your interior. Don't forget the small and simple things. The fall is so generous, regarding gifts of nature. Collect leaves, acorns, chestnuts and it make beautiful arrangements.

Office Furniture: The Perfect Storage For The Office

Office furniture wooden table chairs creative wall

What is the perfect storage for the Office?

In the Office, everything should be always at hand, it should, but all things as possible from dust and sometimes also from the eyes of unauthorized people be protected. How it manages this feat and his Office according to the "rules of art"?

What Office furniture offers enough storage space?

First, one should consider the available space of course. A tiny little Office, like for example a Home Office sets natural limits, and the principle should be here: always along the wall long space, thus to the move will remain. A classic that takes place right on the wall, is the Office cupboard. This furniture is available in part in very high variants that allow a clever system. Below all the stuff be stored, you must come to the constantly used. Earlier the Cabinet to archive all takes and less often need things on.

A closed cabinet, which can also be completed and so for a certain discretion, is ideal in many cases. But also an open shelf makes good in some cases, because it offers the advantage of the quick overview. Folder can store on the shelves, but also books - and of course the occasional House plant, which serves the loosening up of the whole. Of course, the budget is also a theme just for startups and founder. Who his office equipment so both useful as even cheap fashion wants to, should keep the price for cabinets and co. quietly as low as possible. Cheap office furniture, how to find them for example on www.buero-blitz.ch , help save without the function or the look aside. Recent reviews to the Office lightning is found in experience mit.org.

A nice gag: Screens with compartments

If you have little space, must be creative in the Office. A Paravent is such a smart idea if you want to share out individual areas and wants to win still storage space. There are systems, which are equipped with shelves, take things on both sides. Overall, flexibility and creativity is required depending on the size of the Office. Stacked boxes or baskets over each other or very high wall units can be used. Just every centimeter must be exploited.

Office furniture wooden table chairs on wheels Desk

TV Panels For The Perfect Interior Design!

The TV walls are tricky elements of home furnishings. The selection is much too large to keep always a current overview. There is also a technology of one of the stress factors in modern life. This implies also a conflict: on one side we would like to have very latest means of entertainment. On the other hand, we want to restrict the emission of harmful energies on us.

Walls you most modern TV can offer a great help in all of these ways. You must just decide for the right model.

Let the TV wall look like a picture

New TV take a furniture hardly more space in the apartment. In many cases, flat-panel displays the TV spare wall. But two times, larger living room, you should consider whether you do or not without in fact. Instead, you can integrate a flat screen in an elegant wall with a very modern design.

To achieve a super modern look and treat yourself to some more storage space.

Do you want to always see the TV?

From a health perspective, it's not perfect, if you constantly have the TV before the eyes. Even turned off, he has a malicious character. The elegant TV can be wall among other things to hide the device for some time from the point of view. Such a course of action makes the space generally conversion enabled. The living room can be easily transformed into elegant guest rooms.

TV wall in accordance with the existing interior design

The TV wall consists of individual pieces and they must of course write a ideal in interior design. Here are three possible approaches, which you can reach the perfect stylistic harmony.

First, you can choose wall a neutral, modern look for the TV, who successfully inscribes itself in many different styles and designs.

Secondly, you can choose a striking design for the TV wall and this act as a starting point for the rest of the Interior. In this case, it serves as an accent, and eventually as the focal point in the living room.

The third possible approach is the selection of TV wall in a style that fits perfectly to the interior design of the room. This procedure carries the most risk. For this you decide on a particular style and if you want to place the TV wall afterwards somewhere else, this can be difficult.

The correct dimensions are crucial

You can find the best variant for your room Setup and make the right decision, but without the correct mass, this brings nothing more or less. The TV furniture should usually about taking one third of the wall and not too step up forward in the room. There are exceptions, such as the walls of shelves which walls act as including the TV.

Remember the following criteria and so you can better focus in the diversity of TV wall models! We wish you this much success and lots of fun entertainment at home.

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